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Everything is so pretty out! The snow, the lights... but I must ask...

What is Christmas? Does it have to do with that overweight man in a red suit Kakyoin-san told me about?
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What's... going on in this place? I went to thank Ron for the other day and... and...

He didn't recognize me at all! His face looked blank and his clothes were all grey...

Is this... *sniffle* what 'droning' does to people? Why?!

[And the poor crane girl breaks down over the phone.]
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I am afraid I do not understand this. I received a booklet in the mail regarding boxtops from a cereal company. I have never had cereal before. What is it? And why are they giving away prizes for collecting?

[OOC: Her prizes are:

10 boxtops - Barrettes
20 boxtops - A set of throwing feathers
50 boxtops - A new shopping basket
200 boxtops - 3 months of free pastries
500 boxtops - Her Hourin Ousai Butterfly Swords
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*Yes, Iroha is still trying to learn how to properly use the phone.*

H-hello. I was told this is the best way to get a hold of people. I want to thank the kind people at the market for helping me. I'm almost done getting familiar with the kitchen, and one day I hope to prepare a grand meal for all of you.


Ah, right. I don't need to push the buttons anymore.
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*Iroha has just woken up in her new home. She thought it was just a simple nap. The little maid wanders around the modern living area, touching and poking every little thing, from the frame that contained her wedding picture to the comfy sofa in the living room. She doesn't recognize the person in the picture, nor does she know what photos are.

Then she discovers the kitchen...*

An ice box that doesn't need ice? Metal box with fire? What kind of place is this?

*She opens the drawers and cabinets to find more familiar knives and utensils. Then she finds even more food that's kept in different boxes and containers. Give her a little while as she marvels at her new surroundings.*


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