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*Guess who's on her way to 1250 William's Road? Iroha just finished making a very generous bento packed with sesame chicken, a fresh salad, and three large rice balls. She carefully assembles the box and heads out to find Hachibe's house. Feel free to chat her up, steal the bento harass her, etc.*
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*A certain maid has finally learned her way around the modern kitchen. So far, she's made a giant salad, different kinds of sandwiches, Japanese-style soups and seafood dishes, and for dessert, an assortment of Eastern pastries as well as cookies. It took her the whole day to fix everything, and once it's all done, she gets on the phone*

[Public call]


Ah, I believe I have gotten used to my kitchen. If anyone would like to come by, I have prepared a grand meal for all. It is my way of thanking you for helping me out. I hope my chocolate chip cookies are good. I found a recipe in a little box and I decided to try it.

Heika Garnet-san, you may come by whenever you want. I will teach you all I know about cooking.

((Strikes are muttered))
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*In a fit of curiosity (and a lack of fresh produce in the fridge), Iroha cautiously leaves her house. She's looking a bit lost as she walks and walks... until she reaches what appears to be the General Store. Relieved, she walks inside and...

She's a little overwhelmed. Iroha takes a basket and begins shopping, her eyes wide with shock over how much variety there is. As she examines a stack of tomatoes, she can't help feeling a little self-conscious. Her usual outfit has been replaced with a more conservative dress, yet it still doesn't hide her... generous curves. She tries to shake those thoughts and goes back to the fruits and veggies*

These will be perfect for a fresh salad...


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