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[SOMEONE'S in a good mood. Iroha's been walking around the neighborhood, passing out cookies to anyone who answers the door. She's also been shopping for dinner, but this time, she's gathering ingredients for a grand boxed lunch as well. Will you...

A. Accept/Deny her cookies when she comes knocking at your door?


B. Run into her at the supermarket?]
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[For those living on Taylor Road, you might here some screaming from the Orihara House. Iroha just received her turkey, and she's not exactly sure what to do with it. So she puts in the kitchen and reads instructions on how to cut it.

She doesn't exactly expect the turkey to start bleeding... a lot.]
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Does anyone want leftover candy? I do not know where this bowl came from, and I don't eat candy at all.

I'm still working on organizing some neighborhood cooking lessons. Would it be best for me to travel or meet up at my home?

I hope Orihara-san will be okay with that...
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[There's a bit of commotion on Taylor Road. Iroha's been working in the garden, doing just about everything in her power to landscape properly. Now the front yard is starting to look like a proper yard, complete with bushes, flower beds, and trimmed trees.

Don't be surprised if you see her running to the backyard, where she's planning to put in a vegetable garden]
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*A certain maid has finally learned her way around the modern kitchen. So far, she's made a giant salad, different kinds of sandwiches, Japanese-style soups and seafood dishes, and for dessert, an assortment of Eastern pastries as well as cookies. It took her the whole day to fix everything, and once it's all done, she gets on the phone*

[Public call]


Ah, I believe I have gotten used to my kitchen. If anyone would like to come by, I have prepared a grand meal for all. It is my way of thanking you for helping me out. I hope my chocolate chip cookies are good. I found a recipe in a little box and I decided to try it.

Heika Garnet-san, you may come by whenever you want. I will teach you all I know about cooking.

((Strikes are muttered))
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*Iroha has just woken up in her new home. She thought it was just a simple nap. The little maid wanders around the modern living area, touching and poking every little thing, from the frame that contained her wedding picture to the comfy sofa in the living room. She doesn't recognize the person in the picture, nor does she know what photos are.

Then she discovers the kitchen...*

An ice box that doesn't need ice? Metal box with fire? What kind of place is this?

*She opens the drawers and cabinets to find more familiar knives and utensils. Then she finds even more food that's kept in different boxes and containers. Give her a little while as she marvels at her new surroundings.*


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